XcL Midstream (“XcL”) operates in the premier region of the Appalachia basin in Marshall and Wetzel Counties, West Virginia.  XcL Midstream’s Appalachia Connector Pipeline is strategically located at the intersection of every major long-haul interstate pipeline system in Southwest Appalachia and provides shippers with market price optionality.  XcL focuses on  providing its customers with full-service midstream solutions, including lean gas, rich gas and water transportation. We understand how important reliable service is to our shippers and XcL is dedicated to providing best in class service through technical and operational excellence.  With management’s extensive experience building midstream infrastructure in Appalachia, XcL is able to efficiently navigate the complex decisions associated with development and operations.

Lean System

  • Approximately 70 miles of pipeline

  • Five interstate connections

  • Over three billion cubic feet of deliverability

  • Two processing plant receipt points

Rich System

  • Approximately 30 miles of pipeline

  • Delivers rich gas to Blue Racer Midstream’s Natrium Facility for processing

  • Over 400 million cubic feet of deliverability